Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Letting Yousef Go

The countdown is almost over and tomorrow, Sunday June 24th, Yousef will be "attempting" to join nursery.

I have been really emotional, tears and all, when I think that he will cry for me, afraid of where I am leaving him. I used to make fun of my sisters for being so attached to their children and now I am worse.

Every night, while putting him to bed, I change my mind about signing him up. I start telling myself that he is still too young (18 months) and why not just keep him with me at home for now. Then the next morning, when he is fussy and wining from boredom and asks to go outside while I am at home caring for my new born, I change my mind again.

Anyways, there is no telling how he will react until we go tomorrow and try it out. I hope I don't embarrass myself with my crying. This is a huge step for the both of us!

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