Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Girl Vs Boy!

I never realised how late Yousef was in achieving his development milestones until I had Mona.

Yousef had a rough first 5 months. First, he was extremely colic. Then, he had to take an antibiotic for three months (for a medical condition he had). Then came a mystery, Yousef cried and cried whenever I put the bottle in his mouth, carried him, put him on his tummy or even carried him. He was in so much pain and none of the doctors here believed me.

Finally, I found a specialist who told me it was Reflux, a condition when the milk goes back up and the baby throws up. However, Yousef wasn't throwing up, it went back down again and eventually caused a burning sensation all the time. It took 5 months, this doctor (who finally gave him anti-acid), and stopping the anti biotic to finally push Yousef out of this phase.

Because of all that, he was late doing everything. The lack of tummy time made his upper muscles weak and so he didn't roll over until he was 7 months, sit until he was 8 months and crawl until he was about 10 months. He walked when he was 14 months. I even had to take him to a few sessions of physical therapy.

Thank god, it all passed and now he is a monkey on the loose and very pleasant to be around.

Mona on the other hand, already rolled over yesterday at 4 months! Every one says that girls develop faster than boys, but at this pace, Yousef is looking very silly compared to her :)

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Reem said...

hay noora :D
well i heared that too, girls being faster than boys & i second what you say my son ahmad was a late bloomer too. FYI im a research kinda mamma i read a lot about raising kids & stuff, so with ahmad i'd read about a certain milestone & usually they'd say it takes place from so month to so month ahmad would always reach the mile stone just about the last month of normal kids possible. just when i was about to get worried & start looking for what could be wrong he would just do it! as for andy ( andalus) its the total opposite she is doing everything before babies her age should be doing it...! you learn one thing with a baby then comes the next & you need to learn a whole new thing all together XD
well may ALLAH bless our kids wither they're late or early ;)