Monday, October 22, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Please Stop

You think you are doing a good job raising your kids and then one incident in the supermarket makes you wish you would disappear.

Yousef, almost two, is generally a good boy. Mischievous and naughty every now and then, but I usually get very good compliments about him from school or in social settings. Our general rule at the supermarket is: you only get one thing and it always worked. However, the other day after leaving the supermarket, he decided to change his mind. He ran back in and grabbed another chocolate and when I said "no", he embarrassed me like never before. Screaming, jumping up and down and crying, he glued himself to the floor and threw his first ever tantrum.

People started looking, and I could see the look on one woman's face (who was still obviously single), thinking to herself: "what a spoiled brat." She then looked at me like I was the worse mama ever.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, stopped to see what was happening. Calmly, I lifted him and got a few hits on my arms in the process, and left as soon as I could. The moment we were out, he acted like nothing had happened! I gave him the longest lecture of his life.

Before having kids, I used to tell myself that I will raise my child so well that he will never do such a thing. I guess no matter how hard you try, you still cannot control them 100%. 


Reem said...

he is just a toddler its ok those who dont get it YET thats their problem but that doesnt make him less of an amazing kid nor u a less than super mama its ok hon ur doing amazing :)

Samah said...

Tantrums! they start at terrible two and don't end :)
and ofcourse they have to happen in front of everyone :) actuallly that is true because your kid is testing his limits with you, and the best thing to do is exactly what you did, calmlly leave! don't bother with people looking and watching your reactions. This will probably occur again with your toddler, but it is always best behavior to stay calm, ignore behavior or just leave if you cant do either! and Ya I know it is much harder to do than to write :)
A friend of mine once told me that when she used to encounter a kid crying she would feel sorry for hiim and think how she will do better when she is a mom; now having three kids she says when she hears a kid cryng she feels sorry for his mom :)

Noora said...

LOL. Ya that's how I used to feel about babies on planes, now I say poor parents!

Happy Eid

Nadia said...

Your perspective of these situations completely changes when you become a mama....I think we all had "I will be a better mama than her" moments....for me now it's more: hey she's a survivor, her kids are alive and well, she's super woman! :D Happy Eid