Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

From Mama to Mama

Our helper has obviously been crying for the past few days, every time I ask her, she says she is ok. After three days of being down, she finally opened up to me:"I miss my son".

Her son, who is 8-years-old is really smart at school, and so, she decided to leave him and come work to provide him with a better education. In an effort to make her feel better, I told her to request his pictures by email. First she was quiet and when I insisted, she refused: "I miss him too much and I don't want to see his picture, it is too hard!"

I can't stop thinking about what she said. I am a mama and I cannot imagine not seeing my son, holding him, hearing his voice and putting him to bed every single night. And for her to be around us all the time, seeing me hold my son, must make things even harder.

Thank god I don't have to leave my family and thank god I have my kids around me all the time.

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Reem said...

may alla keep u together and never tear u apart. maaan this is so heart breaking :'(