Friday, February 22, 2013

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

My Friend is a Bully

What would you do if your child was friends with a bully who was slowly dragging your child into his direction?

The other day, I witness a conversation between a baba and daughter, who was complaining that her friend sometimes pushed her into doing things to other friends she didn't like doing. Saying mean things, plotting not to play with other kids the next day at school, and generally being a not-so-nice person.

In my opinion, while boys may bully physically, girls bully on an emotional and psychological level that is just as harmful if not more. That said, do you forbid your child from seeing this bullying friend again? Explain to her that this behaviour is wrong and that she must try to change her friend (since she loves her so much)? Or put consequences for your child if they were to follow that kind of unacceptable behaviour again?

I think one of the worst things your child can turn into is a bully, what do you do when you find out he is one?!

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