Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

The Big Green Monster

How do you deal with jealousy between siblings. Both my kids are relatively small, Yousef is 2 years while Mona is 8 months. Yousef is a character, funny, easy-going, easy to please, innocent and very passive. Mona, while still very young, has a really strong affirmative personality. If she doesn't want something, it will NOT happen. 

While Yousef has his own fans, Mona is slowly gaining popularity, a reality that is driving Yousef crazy. Hitting her, biting her, throwing things at her, you name it. And if Mona does something cute, you know he will copy her. If Mona does something she is not supposed to, you know he will copy her  too.

I feel so sorry for him when I see the look on his face when all eyes are on her yet, I never agreed with the idea of ignoring one child for the sake of the other. I might be wrong.

What should I do when both are around and is there such a thing as equal attention? Should I warn people not to give her too much attention when he is around or is it just a reality he must get used to?

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