Saturday, February 9, 2013

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Working Mama

What do you do when your toddler simply will not let you work? As a writer, I need a lot of peace, concentration and continuity. Things my toddler is refusing to provide.

The moment I sit on my computer he wants to hold my hand, sit in my lap, nags and wines and does anything he can to distract me. Do I stay tough, let him cry and hope that eventually he will learn that "mama has work and you have to play on your own?"

I have once been interviewed on radio and asked that very question:" which is right: working or being a full-time mama?" My answer at that moment was:"find the right balance for you, there is no right and wrong!" While I still believe in that, it becomes increasingly difficult to toughen up and watch your child cry and cry over you ignoring the guilt.

My question is: if I let him cry hoping that he will eventually understand, am I harming him?


Nadia said...

I am going through exactly the same thing, the exact word is "up" whenever I try to work while he is awake. I try to work while he sleeps or during his T.V time (I know some moms will perceive this as a sin) I sometimes work a bit while he sits in my's extremely difficult, I am feeling your pain :)

Noora said...

Nadia, I don't agree that TV time is bad. My son learn a lot of new words (including most of his English language) from the shows he watches. I just make sure that he gets story times as well.

As for working with him in my lap, been there, done that, swore never to do it again :)

Good luck but KEEP WORKING!