Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

I Want This, And This, And This...

Is it just me or is everything getting really expensive these days?

I went with my niece to buy a school bag and some stationary, I was shocked at the total price!

When I think of it, we really did not buy anything she doesn’t need: a bag, a lunch box, a water bottle, and some basic stationary, how did it end up costing that much!

Granted, we bought good quality items however, if this is how much her school supplies cost now, how will things be in a few years when it’s time for high-school and the peer pressure really kicks in.

On the other hand, she is enrolled in a gym and takes swimming classes. Let’s not forget the never-ending birthday parties she gets invited to and how each birthday is a “really important party”.

I used to think that boys are easier to please, until I met my friend's kids with their video games, their sneakers, their after school activities and finally their gadgets.

If your kid is in a school surrounded by others who have all these materialistic luxuries, would it be fair to keep him in that kind of environment and have him be less than his peers? On the other hand, when do you draw the line? When is buying this item ok and the other not?

My friend came to me for advice and I am clueless as to what is fair and what is not (I’m a first-time mama), any ideas?


Samar Sabha said...

One of the strategies is agreeing between us not buying something 2 times, unless the first article cannot be used again.

Also agreeing that I am not the other one, meaning I am myself and not Ahmad, Laila,,,,so I do not follow others and do not have to do like others or look like others.

For all the gadgets that cause time waste so not necessary to have unless my children point to me a time that they have absolutely nothing to do, they got trapped here sometimes :), sometimes only.

I ask them if they want to buy this or that with their own money, they got trapped here also :)

I do my best (when I can) to give better alternatives to possess instead of non sense things

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, hard to be a parent :)

Noora said...

Hi Samar,

Seems you have this covered :) I like what you said about not acting like others, it is surely an argument they can understand.

Buying a more meaningful alternative is something I never thought of, usually the answer is just no!

Thanks for the great tips!

Amal said...

Hi Noora:
A good way to control all spending issues, for school and otherwise, is making them in control of the money. I opened an account for all my children and they are responsible of buying their needed things. They can keep in budget or go over board it's up to them, but they are not given any acceptions if they run out of spending money.
It worked for me......and for them.
It made them much more responsible and aware of the worth of the things they buy.
They even treated me to a gift or dinner in a good restaurant every now and then :)

Flavour of the Day with Laura Haddad said...

Wow Amal, seems like you are raising responsible children! The first time I had a bank account was when I went to University :)

Good Job!

Anonymous said...

opening a bank account is a great idea..
when i know the item they want is what everyone has, and that is why they want it i usually say no i explain that it is better not to be like everyone and be your own self, if they are not convinced i tell them they should save up and buy it themselves.
if the item is something they just saw in a store or something i tell them to write it down on a list for their birthday.. this satisfies them and usually they have forgotten what it was by the time their birthday comes along!