Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Car Crash

My sister, her husband, and three kids got into a car crash. While we are very lucky that the crash did not result in serious injuries, I am dedicating this post to plead to all drivers to think before they act.

On Friday, when my sister and her husband decided to take their children out for a ride, their worlds got flipped upside down, LITERALLY speaking.

A speeding driver, crashed the front of his car into the side of my sister's SUV causing it to flip and roll over twice. The car then landed on its side and dragged itself in the middle of the highway until it finally stopped.

The driver who caused the accident ran away.

As for my sister and her family, they were stuck inside the car because the doors were jammed shut from the collision. My niece's car seat got unhooked from the force and landed on my nephew causing a huge bruise on his leg. He in turn landed on his other sister who hurt her back as a result. My 1 year-old niece lost her voice the next day from crying so hard!

My sister injured her neck and back from the airbag and from being stuck behind the seat-belt for so long. Her husband broke a rib.

Eventually, they were pulled out of the sun-roof.

Reckless driving and accidents are as serious as they sound. Texting while driving, speeding, or being occupied with the cell phone are all unbelievably dangerous. Yes, you can get into a car crash in a second. Yes, you can hurt yourself. And yes, you can seriously ruin another person's entire life because of a decision you recklessly made in less that a second.

My sister and her family made it out of the car that day thanking god that they had a safe car, that their father was not speeding himself and that they didn't lose anyone in that terrible car crash.

Driving is a privilege, behave responsibly.

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Wafa said...

So sorry to hear! Happy that they only had minor injuries. I agree, driving is priviledge and a responsibility.People always seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere. I wish they'd drive less agressively and know that their decisions have an impact on those around them.