Friday, December 30, 2011

Flavour of the Day with Noora

2012 Resolutions

I never believed in setting goals for the new year. After becoming a mama however, I realised how easy it is to put marriage, life and kids first. Mamas are programmed by nature to think of everyone else but themselves. I figure, the only way I will pay any attention to "me" is through setting goals for myself. So, 2012, I vow to:

- Make a kind gesture to at least two people every day.

- Learn and become good at one sport: I'm thinking tennis, kick boxing or fencing.

- Become a more positive person: I tend to over-worry and I am turning into a party-pooper.

- Get in touch with my distant relatives. I come from a huge family and they are all very kind and caring, I would love to be around them more often.

- Work with a personal trainer on becoming extremely fit and healthy (no more chips, junk food, energy drinks, and a lot more water and exercise).

- Make a difference in one underprivileged person's life: whether he is ill, poor, uneducated, an orphan or simply an unlucky person.

May God be with me :)

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