Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Carry or Cry

My new baby girl is about one month old now and wants to be held ALL the time!

While I initially thought she was too young to understand the concept of wanting to be carried, the days have proven that she really does know what she wants and isn't afraid to demand it. She will cry at a super, high-pitched tone for as long as it takes! The moment she is held, she miraculously becomes quiet in less than a minute. When I put her down again, she starts crying, even if she is asleep. It's getting to a point that is making me cry too.

I don't know what to do. With two other kids in the house plus everything else that goes on during the day, having a baby in my arms all day is simply not possible. I read online that in the first few months, you should hold your baby as much as she needs but her paediatrician is telling me that it is a habit she will develop from now and that I should let her cry until she gets over it.

I'm beyond frustrated and need help and advice!


Nadia said...

It's best to hold her as much as she needs, she will be more secure in the future because she trusts you will be there for her. The idea that you will spoil her by holding her is a bit old school :) Babies are used to being rocked and close to their mothers from being in the womb and it takes time to get them used to the outside world. I did this with my son and I really feel that he is more secure now. Try buying a baby carrier that will allow you to get things done, moby wraps seem great, I will be buying one next time around Inshallah

Merna said...

First steps to stop the crying

If your baby is crying, try the following:

1-Check to make sure he isn't hungry.
2-Check to make sure he has a clean diaper. If not, change it.
3-Look for signs of illness or pain. Examples: Fever over 100.4 degrees, swollen gums, or an ear infection.
4-Rock your baby, or walk with him. But if you begin to feel stressed, put him down in a safe place, like on his back in his crib, and take a short break.
5-Sing or talk to your baby.
6-Offer him a pacifier or a toy.
7-Take him for a ride in a stroller.
8-Swaddle your baby snuggly in a blanket.
9-Turn on the stereo or TV. Be sure the sound is low and soothing.
10-Run the vacuum cleaner, turn on the clothes dryer or dishwasher, or use a fan. Some babies like these rhythmic noises.
11-Hold your baby close to your body. Breathe calmly and slowly.
12-Call a friend or relative. Ask them to care for your baby while you take a breather.

Singing for my baby most of the times used to work, also massaging his tummy while he is laying on the bed or sofa worked like magic! Watching Barney also helps. There are many ways to stop the crying but don't carry him a lot after he's 3 months because he will get used to it and will always need to be carried!

Good Luck!