Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Torn Between The Two

I have divided my day into 2 shifts, the morning shift is for my son (one and a half) and step daughter (eight) while the night shift (after 11pm) is for my new born baby girl (6 weeks).

I used to take pride in myself for doing everything for my son, Yousef. I never had a nanny that I could trust and so, he spent all of his time with me. As a result, we are very close and I am raising him exactly as I see fit.

My daughter Mona however is barely getting my attention during the day. Every time I come close to her, Yousef comes running, climbs on her crib and tries to hold her any way he can. I try to sneak a feeding or diaper change here and there, but mostly she is with the nanny during the day. I feel so bad, for my sake and hers.

I used to criticise mamas who depend on nannies so much, I never thought I would be one of them, regardless of the reasons. Do you think a baby knows who her mother is even if she is looked after by a number of people or does she get attached to whomever looks after her the most?

I know this might sound stupid and dramatic, but I really don't want my baby to be attached to a care giver more than she is to me. But, what can I do if Yousef is still very young and dependent himself?

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