Saturday, September 15, 2012

Flavour of The Day with Noora

All the perks of pregnancy are unfortunately fading away! The thick hair, clear skin and strong nails are now going back to their not so healthy original state.

I'm not sure if it was the vitamins or the hormones that made the difference. However, I stopped the vitamins a month after delivery and now I wish I hadn't. Is it ok to keep on taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid or should I switch to regular vitamins? I never found that they have the same strong effect.

The real thing that is bothering me is losing the thick and healthy hair that came with the nine months of back ache, leg cramps and weight gain :) Any tips?


Reem said...

hay again its me ur fellow stalking mamma :D
well as i was told thick hair does return after ur done breast feeding as it takes over all most any thing good in ur body in the mean time i was thinking of trying that thing u must;ve seen in pharmacies its a syrum or something from vici the comercail says it prevents hair losss if i do get it & try it ill tell u if it works
as for the vitamins yeah i think u can take pregnancy vitamens i used to take them all the time even before i got married they are the best
note: please ask a doctor cause im not one :D

Noora said...

I did, he said exactly what you did, use prenatal vitamins which are supposed to help the hair as well. I hope so.

But please keep me posted if you use that stuff !!

By the way, I never asked you how things are going for you in mama-land. How many kids do you have :)

Reem said...

hay noora
well just like u i have two kids a boy & a girl ahmad & andalus thats why i feel ur speaking my mind :D
the only difference between us i guess is im egyptian married to a jordinaian ( my best friend btw) living in jordan :D