Sunday, September 23, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

My Melting Mama- Heart

I'm a pretty tough mama, I like rules and boundaries. I like my kids to eat and sleep on schedule, punish when they are out of line and I rarely give in.

With Yousef's foul mood lately, I think I am being even harder on him. But, there is one thing that is melting my mama heart. The way he runs to me when I pick him up from nursery makes me want to cry every time. No matter what he is doing, playing or crying, the moment he sees me, he leaves everything, curls his lip in preparation for a cry and puts his hand out, running with all his might. The sight is so innocent and adorable. And the one thing he keeps on repeating is: "mama coming." On the way back from school, when we are at home and a few times later in the day, "mama coming".

How is it possible that our kids can be this innocent and emotionally dependant on us, it's heart-breaking. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi :)

The same thing happened to my kid everytime i pick him from nursery ... He really breaks my heart everytime :(