Monday, March 18, 2013

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Mother's Day has had a whole new meaning ever since I became a mama. As unmarried, career-driven  women, most of us have no idea the effort it took for our mamas to raise us, spoil us, shower us with love and finally let us go. However, the moment you, yourself become a mama, you ask yourself one question: "was it really this difficult for my own mama to raise me? How did she do it? How did she manage all of us siblings together?" Then of course, some of us justify it to ourselves by saying: "it was a different time." The truth is, yes, it took this much effort, exhaustion, sleepless nights, and sacrifice for our own mamas to raise us. Just as we are now doing for our kids.

The scary thing is, I do not remember being on very good terms with my mom until after I married, all the years before that were filled with arguments, setting and breaking rules, and fighting just about anything. Those thoughts scare me! Are things with my own kids going to be the same? Will my kids never know how much I loved them and spent time raising them until they have their own kids? I guess that is part of how it goes however, today when I was tucking Yousef into bed and I carried him, I thought to myself: "is this tiny boy who is super excited over wearing his monster pyjamas really going to turn into a man with a body bigger than mine, a grip stronger than mine, a house away from mine and a life separate from mine? Will I be lucky enough to see him get married and have his own kids and hear him complain about not sleeping enough?" It really is something this circle of life!


Amal said...

Hi Noora:
My eldest daughter is turning 18 this June and all the fears you're talking about are becoming a reality to me in the aspect of her going away and living far away as she plans to go to university. We try so hard to hang on to them for as long as we can but they will fly away sooner or later.
The past few years have been difficult on our mother daughter relationship. But as the day of her leaving becomes closerI regret being so tough on her. My intention always was to turn her into a mini me which isn't fair.
I hope the day will come, when she becomes a mom herself, when she realizes how much I love her and how hard I tried to build her happiness.
God bless mom. I love you.

Noora said...

Dear Amal,

I can only imagine how hard saying bye must be, I remember how hard it was for my dad when I had to leave.

However, just have faith that the past 18 years have not gone to waste and that she surely has taken a lot from you, way more than she might admit! I can also tell you this from experience as I too studied away from my family, leaving home will definitely do your relationship good! God bless her and keep her safe, I wish you all the best.