Saturday, March 22, 2014

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Mother's Day Glory 

As my three year old is in Nursery level 2, he has become aware of what Mother's Day is. With a party at the nursery and then more explanation from his baba , Yousef has successfully grasped the concept.

And since it is the first year I feel his awareness, it made my day to get attention for him for the sake of wanting to make me feel special.

In the past year of being a mama, so much has happened. My daughter took her first steps, my son went up a grade, my step daughter changed schools, I went back to working from the office, and I have made mama friends which I never had before. The thing that struck me most however,was how attached a mama gets to the life her and baba have and still are creating for their family.

At a single thought or worry that something might disturb the harmony, a mama's heart sinks and races, while her brain springs to action. The need to protect and shelter is innate. It is progrmmed in our genetic making and it is surely sensed by every child we care for. 

That, with every Mother's Day over the past three years since becoming a mama, has grown stonger and stronger just as it has for every other mama.

So, we can have careers bigger than ever, we can rule countries if we wish, we might need to fight our way to getting what others get by default, but one thing is for sure, the look of trust, sense of security, and complete belonging we get from our young, and I hope older children, is the most precious look we will ever get! 

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