Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flavour of The Day With Noora

A Child Labourer

I was driving back home the other day when I realised that a huge water truck was blocking the road. It was clear that they were in the midst of wrapping up and I was not in a rush, so, I decided to give them their time and wait for them to finish.

I was so sad to see that one of the workers standing on the water tank of this huge truck was a child as young at 10 years old. The site of him standing on something so high with a huge possibility of falling is enough to make any mama shiver.

What he did next was, by all standards, extremely hazardous. He and he alone pulled up the huge water hose that seemed to weigh 4 times his own weight!

If the boy slipped, tripped or was even pulled down by the hose, I'm sure he would have spiralled down the truck with a very tragic ending.

Ironically, in this month's issue of Family Flavours, my colleague and I covered an article on child labour under the title:"Exploited Innocence".

In it, you will read all about the facts and figures of child labour in Jordan as well as some quotes from child labourers themselves. The topic is very dear to my heart as my father suffered from a childhood crippled by poverty and had to work to support his family.

Please read the article for a deeper comprehension of this pressing matter and to be inspired by child labourers who decided to change their future.

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