Saturday, November 19, 2011

Flavour of The Day With Noora

Stubborn Child of Mine

Yousef is turning out to be a very stubborn child. He calls me, “nana, nana...” over and over again and when I look at him, he tries to stick his finger in the electricity outlet. He does the same thing with the drain and the DVD player!

Ignoring him, saying “no”, giving him an angry look, and distracting him or moving his hand away have not worked. On the contrary, he starts laughing and tries even harder. While I have baby-proofed the house, I still worry that he will hurt himself one way or the other.

I searched online and found a number of parenting books that talk about the different disciplinary methods I could use, but first, I have to choose one. I do not know how to do that! Some methods make sense in one way and then seem like complete nonsense in another.

Any tips?

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Anonymous said...

Well the best thing that works when my 3 year old grandson whom i baby sit gets stubborn is just do some jumping jacks with him and you would be surprised to see him exhausted and he would forget what he wanted...