Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flavour of The Day With Noora

A Friend for Mama

None of my friends are married and so none have kids. I underestimated the importance of having friends who are mamas themselves until I became one and stayed at home with my son.

While I still love my “single” friends very dearly, I cannot keep up with their lifestyles. Partly, because I am exhausted by 8pm every night. Partly, because I would rather stay at home and fall asleep watching TV than go to a loud restaurant and worry that it is getting later by the second.

While I initially started going to a baby group for my son, lately however, I feel like I have turned into a stalker!

I go and analyze other mamas: how they are dressed, how they are with her babies, and whether or not they seem to be friendly and approachable. I laugh at myself for the way I am behaving and tell myself: if these women knew what I was thinking, they would probably kick me out of the group.

However, I am dying to find another mama who is in the same situation as me. A stay at home mama who has no idea what to do with her son all day and would really appreciate some company. Someone who is facing the same responsibilities towards her children, husband and home. More importantly, a steady play-date for Yousef. I know this sounds ridiculous and maybe even a bit desperate, but I’m sure that all other mamas can relate to what I am saying. So, my "friend for mama" hunt is still on, wish me luck!

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