Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flavour of the Day with Noora

When you think of it, being a mama is the most unselfish, time-consuming, underpaid job in the world. No amount of training is enough to prepare you for what it is really like. The hours are long and in many cases hard, the events of it are life-changing in every way and the payback can take years to surface.

Some accept motherhood with open arms and feel content with everything that comes with mama-hood. It feels natural and easy.

To others, the transition is scary and tiring. The decisions that they have to make: "do I quit my job and stay home? Shall I trust a nanny? Shall I look for a nursery? Does loving my baby mean I can't go after my dreams? I feel suffocated, does that mean I'm a bad person?"; are nothing short than frighting.

Whichever category you are in and whatever difficulties you may be facing, know this: no woman is born as a mama, mama-hood is something you are eased into. Mama-hood is something you learn to implement on a daily basis. Parenting books can help but nothing will ever be clear cut. And as my friend Hala Ibrahim, Consultant is Special Educational Needs, puts it:

"It is time that we recognise that parenting is not just a part of the circle of life, but that it is a profession- a profession so very few f us receive training for!"

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