Monday, May 6, 2013

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Travelling with the Kids

It's funny how when you travel with your kids, especially if they are a bit young, travelling gets a completely different meaning. The type of destination you look for is different, the hotel you look for should be family friendly, the restaurants you choose are definitely different and even the people you choose to travel with are some-what determined by if their kids will be good company to your kids.

I just came back from a family trip on which all our kids joined and for the first time, I realised how much our "family vacation" is really a "children's vacation". Almost nothing we did was for ourselves, I mean my husband and I. Of course, we chose a destination with a beach so that they can play, we went to the beach when they wanted, then to the pool when they wanted, then back to the beach when they wanted. We pretend-played a million times, we stayed in the kids pool all the time to make sure they were safe and happy, and we ended the day when they got tired.

I left this trip very happy and satisfied that my kids had a good time, yet, as I was there, I realised that every other set of parents did exactly what we did. It's amazing that no matter how different parents can be, one thing will always prevail, the great
feeling we get when we see our kids happily experiencing the things we work so hard to provide. 

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