Thursday, May 9, 2013

Flavour of the Day with Noora

22 Different Cuisines at ICS tomorrow!

Don't forget to join us tomorrow May 10th, at the ICS food fair offering flavours from 22 different places around the world!

An even more important reason to join is that ICS will donate a portion of the earnings to the local communities in need. I have been to the ICS before, interviewed their principal, staff and students. It is a huge part of their philosophy to do charity exhibitions, food fairs, and fund-raising events. There are so many foundations here in Jordan that can use such help, it feels good to teach your kids that what they will be spending and enjoying will help others who are probably their same age, yet less fortunate. I sometimes worry that our children might be too sheltered and unaware of the blessings they have! Taking them to a fundraising event is a good way to teach them to give back by doing so many fun and different activities!

Family Flavours and Nakahat A'iliyeh are also doing their share in adding to the fun with promotions, discounts, fun giveaways and raffle prizes!

So, come to the fair, have a few flavours from here and there, make use of our discount rates and promotions and enjoy your time. 

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