Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flavour of The Day with Noora


Have you ever heard the saying: "it just takes a second for an accident to happen"? Well, this weekend, I found out that it is so true.

My husband was with the kids in the pool and I was standing right on the edge talking to them. Yousef (18 months) was in a floater (the wheel with a seat made especially for toddlers) and my husband's hand was holding him. I had just heard him say "baba" a second ago and shifted my attention to my husband who was talking to me. I looked at Yousef again and all I could see was his legs up in the air, frantically kicking back and forth, stuck in the seat, while the rest of his body was drowning upside down in the water! I yelled, my husband immediately flipped him and I heard Yousef crying. He was ok.

Until now, I cannot understand how it happened. How did the floater flip even though my husband had his hand on it? How did I not see or hear him flip over? What would have happened if I didn't look back his way as soon as I did?

I swear, grabbing him outside the pool and holding him until he calmed down seemed like a century.

From mama to mama, never assume that a second is too short for something bad to happen!

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