Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flavour of The Day with Noora

Heavy, Pregnant, Plus A Kid

Seems that my pregnancy is making people feel sorry for me :) The other day, I was at the supermarket running after Yousef and trying to balance the cart simultaneously. By the time we made it to the checkout counter, Yousef had used up all my patience and energy. I just wanted to get my shopping over with. When I saw how full the checkout counters were, I started considering justing leaving the cart and going home empty handed.

Then, I saw an employee wave to me and I heard him call out, I looked up at the sign above the counter and it said "priority for pregnant and disabled"! I was so embarrassed. People stared as I passed by and I got a few angry looks. I thought it was funny, and since it got me out of there sooner, I went for it!

Yesterday, I was at the mall and Yousef was in his stroller throwing a tantrum to get out. Again, it seems that I looked exhausted because a sales woman came to me and said,"madam, why don't you have a seat while you wait for your turn to pay," and pulled out a chair for me. I then realised that I had one arm behind my back and the other on my belly. This time, I declined the offer.

I feel so heavy and big, like I'm going to go into labour any minute now. I'm about 5 weeks away; I cant believe it's been 8 months!


Unknown said...

wow Noura mabrook 8 months! almost there:) yes this is the time when you're at your heaviest and you don't notice it yourself but you start to waddle instead of walk..so people take pity on you, definitely more so if you're also running after a toddler!

enjoy it while it lasts!

Noora said...

:) waddle is definitely the word!

Thanks for the kind wishes.