Sunday, September 9, 2012

Flavour of The Day with Noora

I Wish There Were Five

Every night at 9pm, the best word to describe the situation would be exhaustion. It is that time of day I get frustrated with mama-hood and wish there were five of me. One, would bathe and feed Yousef while the second would feed Mona and prepare her for bedtime. The third would have the ever lasting battle with Yousef to brush his teeth and go to sleep in his own bed rather than mama's. The fourth would enjoy an end-0f-the-day conversation with my husband who I barely see because of our hectic schedules. And finally the fifth would relax in a hot bath herself, watch some TV while sipping something hot, and go to sleep without worrying about how many times the kids will wake her up!

If only there were five, life would be a lot simpler and my friend wouldn't call me crazy for considering going back to work! I think that this phase I am in is, by far the hardest phase of mama-hood. Or so I hope. I can't wait until my babies grow up!


Reem said...

aaaaarrrrrg ur speaking my thoughts but id add two more me's one to cook and one to clean and workout (givin both r phisical work and all lol)
and if so can i be the one taking the relaxing shower all the time????

Noora said...

LOL, who are we kidding! We are doomed.

Reem said...

yeah i know one can dream though