Saturday, February 4, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Cry Baby

Yousef, 14 months, wakes up crying about 3-4 times a night for no reason. As soon as I give him his pacifier he is sound asleep. I thought that it was always related to wanting his pacifier however, in many cases lately, he is even crying while it is already in his mouth!

It is becoming exhausting night after night and I am ending up spending half the night in my bed and half on a mattress in his room.

Are his constant cries developing into a habit? How can I get passed this tiring phase?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Babies go into phases I'm not sure for how long you've had this problem! But if he is well you can try what is called Control Cry Techniques.. it's recommended by midwives in the UK, check the following link for details. I've been recommended to use it when my daughter was 7 months but couldn't do it, now she's 3 years old and she still get up in the night so I spend half the night in her room..I wish I had applied that techniques.
hope this helped

Noora said...

Great help. Thanks a lot!