Monday, February 6, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Starting to Have Fun

I'm really starting to enjoy Yousef's (14 months) company. I always prayed for my baby to turn out naughty with some tricks up his sleeve and this is what I got.

Today I found out that he hides his pacifiers. I was losing my mind trying to figure our where I misplaced them until I finally gave up and thought that I had lost them in some of our outings. I bought new ones every week and they kept on disappearing. However, today he came crawling to me with a really old one I had not seen in weeks. It turns out that he hides them deep in his toy box and goes back for them whenever he wants!

He is also starting to do things just to make me laugh: pretending to hide, making funny faces and even trying to scare me. When he hears people laugh, he joins in on the conversation and starts to laugh too as if he knows what is going on. Adorable. This side of him only surfaced two weeks ago and I hope it lasts, it is very amusing. I think I have hugged him and kissed him in the past couple of weeks more than the entire past year!


sumaya bino said...

habibi mashalla,,,God bless him :** wait until u see him doing his first drawing,,his first day of school,,when his first tooth falls off :)) ur gonna be in amusement for all ur life watching him grow in front of ur eyes :) allah ykhlelk yah ya rab

Noora said...

That is so sweet thank you!