Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Anxious Mama

No one really understands the sacrifice of being a mama. The degree of selflessness you go through every day, what it feels like to spend 90% of your time for someone else, and the responsibility of knowing that if you don't do "something" for your children, then no one else will.

Becoming a mama changes who you are, it changes your priorities and it brings out a strength in you that you never knew existed.

At some point, you have to change your lifestyle. At some point, you have to put your own plans on hold and look at the bigger picture. At some point, you have to give in to becoming a mama who is always there for her family, regardless of the circumstances.

This is all easier said than done! With my second baby on the way, I find myself feeling anxious about how our lives will change again. Will I manage with 2 babies (Yousef will still be 1.5 years-old)? Will I still be able to work from home (my only breather)? Will this baby be colic like Yousef was? A million thoughts are racing through my head.

I know I am not the first or last mama to have two babies so close in age however, I just started feeling like I am settling into motherhood. Are second babies really easier to handle?


Nadia said...

What I have heard several times is that having babies close together is really hard when they are young but much easier when they are older as they will entertain each other and teach each other things.I only have one baby but can't wait to have another one :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, its so nice to have another baby but it will never be the same, it will be a little easier to handle, but your life will change again because having 2 is not the same as having one.

Noora said...

LOL, I thought so!