Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Medical Ethics

As a mama, there is nothing worse than seeing your child get ill. Having a great paediatrician that you trust is crucial.

However, if the doctor of your choice is not covered by insurance, the costs of check-ups, vaccines, and medication can some up to ridiculous amounts that you start to consider alternatives. I am stuck in this dilemma.

For my baby, I have been dealing with an amazing paediatrician (without insurance) who I trust more than anyone. However, our new medical insurance company sponsors a number of "great" physicians as well. The discussion about not wasting money and making use of the monthly medical insurance expenses we pay became a heated topic between my husband and I.

I know that this shift will greatly offend my current doctor and might even result in termination of treatment (no matter how minor and occasional) from his side. Of course, that is terrible as I would like to be on this doctor's good side in case of emergencies.

Since when has medicine turned into a popularity contest that revolves around names and personal benefits rather than the patient's best interest? When matters get serious, is it fair for a mother to have to worry about her doctor's feelings and ego on top of her frantic worry over her child?

Ethically, I disagree with what medicine in some cases has turned into and I would usually try to make a point, however, this is the well being of my baby. What should I do?


Bilalٍ said...

I think that an amazing pediatrician would not get offended if you started going to another doctor for financial reasons (Insurance Coverage). If he get offended, then he is great in the medical part but not in the social part.
The three pediatricians i know are great in both, they wont get offended if i went to see another doctor because they were busy or as a second opinion.

Noora said...

Yes, I guess you are right. I should just be strong and do it.