Friday, March 9, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Second Pregnancy

It'a funny how different the first pregnancy is from the second. In my first, I was so spoiled. I took naps whenever I wanted, slept in late during the mornings, did Prenatal Yoga on a daily basis, took things really easy, read all sorts of articles about pregnancy and having a baby and just really enjoyed every second of it.

Now, with Yousef barely 16 months old, I cannot believe that I am already 6 months through my second pregnancy! No breaks, no naps, and definitely no taking it easy.

I kind of feel sorry for our unborn baby for not giving my pregnancy the same attention. I heard that this goes on even after delivery. A friend told me that it will be natural for me to continue focusing on Yousef since he will be older and more aware while the baby will mostly need physical attention at the beginning. I can totally see that happening with Yousef's demanding personality!

What is having a second baby really like? Is it harder because they are two or easier because of the experience? Help me set my expectations!

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Reem said...

hay nora, I'm reem
im exactly at the same stage that you're in, except i just started my 8th month yesterday.
I too have the same worries you do, but i came up with a plan- kinda- my son ahmed ( same age as youssif btw) has a sleeping routine which means he sleeps at 8, so i was thinking i can focus on ahmad during the day & focus on the baby when he sleeps, what do you think?