Friday, March 16, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Nosy People, Wrong Comments

My husband and I were invited to an event at one of the hotels. As I was waiting for him to park the car and meet me at the lobby, the female security guard started playing with Yousef, my 15-month-old baby.

He was especially fussy that day (teething again) and kept on whining every time she got close. After spending an entire day with him in that mood, I had already reached my limit, and the lady sensed it. "Are you pregnant?" she asked. I nodded yes, trying to avoid any small talk. "Why would you do that to yourself when you still have such a young baby?"Again I smiled and looked away. "If you think he is giving you a hard time now, which it seems he is, wait until the jealousy kicks in, you will pull your hair out!"

In my head, I am shocked at what is going on but I am trying to keep cool, after all, she did pull out a chair for me to sit while I was waiting.

Again she starts, "oh man, you really dug yourself in deep. You will drive your mom crazy, won't you little boy! If you are like this now, wait until you have to share the attention, you are really going to lose it," she talks to Yousef and tries to hold him in a way that only annoyed him and me more.

She hit a sore spot with me as I have been worrying about how life will two very young babies will be in just three months from now. I spent the rest of the night with Yousef crying and pulling at my pants, and me totally lost in my thoughts.

Why would a person intentionally try to make another, a complete stranger, feel bad about a decision she has made. While her intentions might not have been cruel but rather an attempt to be funny, no one was laughing. I hate nosy people. I hope I have a happy, non-colic, non-demanding, baby who doesn't whine at all. If that even exists.

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Soha Alsaleh said...

People always have an opinion don't they - i love the expression "if you don't have something good to say, don't say anything at all"! But, I still say - do what's right for YOU and your family, it doesn't have to agree with everyone!