Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Scheduling Time for a Life

I realised today that when I was pregnant with Yousef, I used to say that I am not able to do things (whatever it was I wanted to do) because I didn't have time. Between work, preparing for the baby and taking care of the family, it felt like time was running away from me.

Now that I have experienced what it is like to have a baby, I say to myself "silly me, I didn't realise what not having time is really like". And I have a feeling that if I look back at my days a year from now when I have two very young babies (I am due in June), that I will be saying the same thing.

Therefore, and to avoid excuses of any sort, I planned out my entire week. I scheduled laundry days, cooking days, working days, exercising days, socialising days and family days. The reason I never did this before is that I was always worried that spending time away from the kids meant neglect.

But, as the days went by, spending all my time with the kids and for other responsibilities only with total disregard to myself got to me. I reached a point of total boredom, annoyance at even the littlest things, and set very high expectations for my husband to do the same. Bottom line, it was not good for anyone.

So, starting Saturday, I will be putting my new "life" schedule to the test. I have three more months to reconnect with myself, wish me luck!

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