Friday, March 30, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Housekeeper Madness

I have had the worst luck trying to find a housekeeper for the past 8 moths. Anyone who has thought of getting some help knows how impossible it has been lately. First, I went to a recruitment office that took me around in circles for 4 months. They changed my order around 3 times without telling me and I ended up cancelling it all together. Then, I thought I lucked out with this sweet, friendly looking woman who seemed to be happy with us as well. We went clothes shopping, bought her all sorts of personal items and everything seemed to go smoothly. Two weeks later, I wake up to find out that she had run away during the night. How? Where? With who? It all remains a mystery.

My third attempt was with an office that promised me a maximum waiting duration of two weeks. Surprise, surprise, they cancelled my order in less than 5 days as the woman we had agreed on getting turned out to be pregnant! Attempt number four was with a relative's housekeeper who had promised to come back and work with us as soon as she finishes from her holiday. Again, we went clothes shopping, bought presents for her family and agreed on a raise even before she worked with us. End result? She travelled and never returned.

Now, I am at my fifth try, dealing with a new recruitment office who suddenly stopped answering my calls! It's been two weeks and no word what so ever.

My baby is due in 2 months and with the house and three kids in total (two of them under 2 years-old), I'm dying for someone to help out.

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