Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Is it Just a Phase?

It is becoming almost impossible to get anything done around the house with Yousef. When I'm cooking, he is on the ground, pulling my pants and crying his eyes out. When I am loading the laundry into the washing machine, he is fighting his way to sit inside it. And when I am on my laptop trying to work for just 5 minutes, he is throwing a tantrum because he wants to sit in my lap and type on the computer.

I am not exaggerating, if my attention is not on him 100%, then his solution is to cry and yell. And if he is not doing that, then he is up to something evil like throwing my lotion, shoes, remote controls or anything else he can reach down the garbage.

The question is, do I ignore him until he learns that sometimes mama is busy and you have to wait or does ignoring him only feed his anxiety?

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Anonymous said...

Your child is trying to tell you that he is entitled to your attention when you are with him. Involve him in the activities you are in such as cooking, give him a pot and spoon, or a plastic bowl and some cheerios so he can simulate and emulate you. same with laundry. If you are working. either invest in a toddler's laptop, there are several in the market, or schedule yourself work time during his nap time.
Remember YOU chose to have him, and he is your priority.