Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Lately, I have been getting into a complete life change revolved around becoming more responsible. Among these changes is recycling. I have written about it before however I would like to stress again how much of a difference it is making. Bags filled with paper, others with plastic, and others with tin cans, all going to be reused instead of being dumped god knows where and causing god knows what kind of damage.

Filled with excitement that I am making a difference, I drove around looking for a place that sells specific recycling trash cans; the ones with different compartments for each. Not a single place had them. Finally to burst my bubble, the salesman who looked at me as if I was speaking a whole new language said: "we are not a nation that recycles, we are a one that is proud to pollute and dump garbage in the streets."

What is even more annoying is that I called a recycling company and asked for the cans directly from them. Each is JD 40 which means I will need a total for JD 120-160 just to have my trash look organised. Back to carton boxes in the stairway!

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