Friday, December 14, 2012

Flavour Of The Day With Noora

Switch To Healthy

I have recently decided to make the switch to what I now know are healthy products. I attended a few seminars and did my research and realised that so many of the products we are used to purchasing are extremely bad for us.

Loaded with my new-found knowledge and the determination to change, I went to the supermarket's Organic section. I was shocked by the prices! I then moved on to items that I buy on a regular basis such as salt and flour. Apparently buying sea salt rather than regular salt and non-bleached flour rather than white flour are great/easy health tips. Again, shocked.

Why are these "healthy" products more expensive while the "normal products" we have been using since forever cheaper? Are the components that bad that they don't cost much to produce? Is it because they sell more and so they can afford to be cheaper?

On another note, do these tiny changes I am making really make a difference in my family's health (which is what this whole thing is about)? Obesity, Cancer, Autism,  and so many other "illnesses" have been on the rise. Is it the chemicals we are entering into our bodies? If so, where do we start?! As a mama, it is so worrying to feel that almost anything that is being sold these days is harmful. 

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