Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Home Sweet Home

I came to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to renew my I.D. It's funny how a person will always feel attached to what he knows as home. To me, Riyadh is where I grew up, where most of my siblings live, where my best friends are and so, it is home. I love everything about it. However, after I met my husband 3 years ago, I moved to Amman.

I have certain rituals I follow each visit: I eat Baskin Robins ice cream almost everyday. I visit the supermarket the same night I arrive and stack up on all my favourite snacks, and I fuel up on so much yogurt and dates that I feel like a monster.

It is such a nice feeling to be that comfortable in a place and I often wonder: is it something my parents did that I can later move on to my children in respect to Amman or is it simply the memories I collected from family, school, friends and work? I don't know. However, as a mama, I hope that one day my children find a place among their family that they cherish so dearly and long to be a part of.

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