Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flavour of the Day with Noora

Sick Baby

Out of the past 30 days, Yousef (1 year-old) has been sick for 25. It has just been a constant flow of flues and viruses.

First, he got a flu while we were travelling on Christmas break. As soon as we reached home, he got a stomach virus that resulted in dehydration, he had to be admitted to the ER for IV fluids.

Three days later, he caught another sort of virus that resulted in high fever and a terrible cough. The doctor put him on antibiotics and an inhaler for his wheezing chest. During this time, he got bitten (7 shocking times) on the face by a mosquito to which he developed an allergic reaction, he is taking anti-histamines to reduce the side effects. It really is terrible, he is so exhausted from it all. It breaks my heart.

When asked for advice on how I can boost his immunity, one paediatrician responded by recommending a richer diet which includes natural vitamins such as adding more raw fruit and vegetables to his meals. Another explained that it has nothing to do with better nutrition, it is normal for children to contract viruses when travelling a lot and mixing with other children.

Of course, as a mama, I want an immediate and final solution to make my baby feel better (all the time).

Any advice?

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Lily said...

my daughter had similar case when she was at ur son's age. dr gave me "beta glucan" she said it would enhance her immunity. also he gave her multi vitamen (mr.tummy).
salamto :)