Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flavour of The Day with Noora

So Now It's My Fault?

Every time I have to turn to the medical system, I am reminded of how much I hate it!

Yousef has Asthma which usually hits him hard a couple of times during the year. 3 days ago, he got a virus that led to an attack. While the ER doctor was amazing and took his time in explaining the treatment, the nurse was the complete opposite.

Long story short, Yousef needed to take an injection. It was HUGE and I could just see Yousef panicking. As soon as it went in, Yousef jumped screaming and crying. The injection moved from its place and the nurse had to reposition it while it was still in. The nurses's reaction: "you weren't holding him like you should."

Quietly and calmly I left the ER and called the hospital to make a complaint over how it is not my job to hold my son, rather it's the nurse's responsibility to call for help in such a situation. I am just there for emotional comfort! The operator's response:" are you sure it is an important complaint?" What high standards these people are setting for medical care!

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