Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flavour of The Day with Noora

Pregnancy Brain

I have truly become a dumber person since I became pregnant. I forget almost everything, have zero attention span, and do really weird things.

The other day, I decided to move the clothes hanger from inside the bedroom to the dressing room to make more space. Anyways, I left the room and five minutes later walked inside the dressing room again. In those five minutes, I forgot all about the clothes hanger and so jumped in my place in total fear and yelled at the clothes hanger, "Maha, what are you doing here!". Maha is my sister who was at work at the time.

Don't ask me why, how or in any world I thought my sister looks like a clothes hanger, I just truly thought it was her!

I had never felt as dumb or ridiculous. Of course, all my husband could do was laugh hysterically.

A few days later, I opened the fridge to find the salt and pepper shakers neatly arranged on one of the shelves, again, with no recollection what so ever on when I did that.

I also put batteries in one of Yousef's toys to make sure that it played music and when it did, I started to look around wondering," where is that music sound coming from?"

I wonder if this is reversible or are my brain cells lost forever!

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