Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flavour of the Day with Noora

My nieces and nephews came back from school with report cards. Anticipated, their faces were filled with a million emotions, some had pride, others had wonder if the marks are good enough, and some had looks of carelessness.

In the same family, one got a marvellous report card, the other mediocre and one couldn't care less if the  grades were good or bad, high or low or if his parents would be happy or mad. It's so strange.

What is even more amusing is how anxious my sisters were. As if the grades are for them and not their kids! I can understand it, judging from the amount of work and time I put into homework with my step-daughter, the final grades really do get to parents.

When you have different abilities in the same family, how do you not compare? From now, I can tell that Mona (7 months) is a lot smarter than Yousef (2). I wonder how I will react when their report cards are due.

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