Monday, January 28, 2013

Flavour of the Day with Noora

The Worry of Vaccinations

My son Yousef had a very complicated delivery which I believe was the cause of him being a very weak and colicky baby. And since he barely eats anything even as a toddler, his immunity and overall health are a bit shaky.

If there is even the slightest side-effect for a medication or vaccination, I know that Yousef will get it. When the label says "in rare cases so and so were reported," Yousef reacts in a so and so manner.

My worry however has really risen over the past three vaccinations. After each one, he seemed to develop some sort of reaction even though his doctor assured me that there won't be any! It is some coincidence though that a few days after these vaccinations he gets really sick. Fever, vomiting, fatigue, rash, loss of appetite, and general fussiness and they last for a good 3-4 days. This is the third vaccination in a row that caused these symptoms and I am starting to wonder if it is in his best interest to be vaccinated so often.

Even with no medical proof that the vaccinations are causing it (in fact, his doctor completely disagrees with me) I noticed the difference before and after he takes the shots. I am so confused and scared of making a mistake. Vaccinations or not? Are they worth it? Can he really develop some sort of disease if he isn't vaccinated? What if the vaccinations are hurting him and no one knows the side-effects yet?

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