Monday, March 23, 2015

Omar writing down my order from a menu he designed. Mamas today got to sit and relax while our little ones brought us our salad, sandwich and dessert

Thank you Omar for making this day special for me. Sure, I love your gifts and your kind words but more than anything, your excitement over sharing this day with me means the world to me. When you sang, your heart sung for me. When you ran back and forth careful to serve me what I picked out, your hands laboured just for me. When you posed for pictures with me, your eyes spoke your love for me. So the next time you pounce on your feet in defiance or flash your animated look of disapproval, I will still be smiling...for you will still be loving me.


Sonia Salfity said...

O sis that is soooooo special indeed a memorable day for both you and Omar!!😊😊😊

Reem said...

hay laura congrats on starting your blog i have been following it for a while now good luck and best wishes :) im a fellow blogger too turned vlogger as well
im also an egyptian/jordanian with a jordanian husband so in our own way we're a mixed family too so many reasons to follow ur blog again best wishes dear :)