Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stirring Up Fun with Ingredients for 
Lifetime Success 

My Omar with fellow chefs Adiba and Faisal (Family Flavours, March 2015 edition)

Experts say that getting your child involved in cooking teaches him science, math, culture and more. Omar initially got involved in cooking and baking after trying to imitate his baba and mama in the kitchen, which is a central hub for our family. 

I'm grateful to my in-laws for raising a son who can cook and be independent. But in addition to doing a favour for Omar's future partner, I know cooking teaches valuable life skills - it teaches independence, encourages curiosity and develops problem-solving skills. Some schools, such as Omar's (International Community School), offer after-school cooking clubs. Hania Anabtawi Bitar is also well known for her cooking classes (for adults and children) - check out www.facebook.com/HaniasRecipes. You can also try Crafty Cooks (www.facebook.com/craftycooks2009).

Omar and I especially love this arrangement of white chocolate covered strawberries!

For Adiba's Yummy Fun recipes, check out Family Flavours' March 2015 edition. It's perfect for Mother's Day but also for a hostess gift any time 
of year! http://familyflavours.com/familyflavours/public/DefaultDetails.aspx?id=10&type=menudetails

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