Sunday, March 8, 2015

Welcome! Ahlan wa Sahlan! Herzlich willkommen! 

Welcome to my blog!

"What's your favourite colour?" we get asked from as young as our toddler years. I never understood why we're expected to have a favourite. This question stressed me out and I always made up an answer. Now, as a parent, I see this question is just as popular (and universal) today! 

But in life, as in cooking, it's far more enriching to experiment with different colours and flavours. Some days I cook with vibrant sumac, other days wth soft green dill. I crave raspberry sorbet one day but reach for pistachio ice cream the next. 

Flavour of the Day, the blog, celebrates this diversity - sometimes with humor, sometimes with deeper reflections. 

So what's your favourite...or rather, what's your flavour of the day? 

Sweet wishes,

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