Monday, March 30, 2015

Il Terrazzo at Amman Marriott Hotel
I'm a big fan of eating out but it's rare to find the right combination of quality food, impeccable service and stylish ambiance that you'll get at Il Terrazzo. No wonder it is rated #4 of 405 restaurants in Amman, according to

Food lovers from left: Marie-Christine Mougin (Advisor to Al Marji' Publications), Norah Arafeh (Writer Intern at Al Marji' Publications & Fulbright Fellow), Chef Andrea Donazzan, Hind-Lara Mango (Publisher & Managing Director of Al Marji' Publications, Christine Sargent (Writer Intern at Al Marji' Publications & Fulbright Fellow), Dima Malahmeh (Editor of Nakahat 'Ailiyeh magazine at Al Marji' Publications)
From left: Dima, Laura (Editor of Family Flavours magazine at Al Marji' Publications), Christine & Norah

I thought I had good risotto before but after this creamy asparagus risotto at Il Terrazzo, nothing else can compare! And of course, you can expect homemade ravioli at this authentic Italian restaurant. Veil loan (above right) with tuna sauce, capers and basil oil is unique in taste and presentation. Often in Jordan, it's hard to find restaurants that accommodate their customers' diverse lifestyles, preferences and food allergies. But as soon as Chef Andrea heard that one of our team members is not eating dairy today, he whipped up a special menu for her that left the rest of us wanting her food as well as ours!

Chef Andrea personally poured balsamic vinegar aged 20 years on our dessert plates to accompany the flavourful Fresh Citrus Ricotta Cheese with Wild Forest Fruits, which consists of an alluring combination of ricotta, cream, lemon zest and lime, fresh fruit from Holland and fig and strawberry jam. The gracious hospitality of Chef Andrea and his colleagues made our dining experience all the more special 

Fresh Citrus Ricotta Cheese with Wild Forest Fruits
Strawberry Panna Cotta

Baci di dama
Baci di dama, or "lady's kisses", consists of almond cookies sandwiched together with a dollop of hazelnut chocolate. These treats, specially made by Chef Andrea, were the perfect ending to our lunch...and the perfect beginning to our love affair with Il Terrazzo at Amman Marriott Hotel

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Anonymous said...

My husband always says, "The eyes have to eat also." This truly looks like a feast for the eyes and the stomach! I hope I am fortunate enough to one day let my eyes eat there.